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Voronezh State Medical University

Voronezh State Medical University or Voronezh N.N. Burdenko State Medical University With more than 8000 students enrolled, It is one of the top research and teaching institutions in the nation, according to the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

Voronezh Medical University is among Russia’s oldest educational establishments. Its beginnings may be traced to 1802, when the Imperial University of Dorpat opened. In 1918, it relocated to Voronezh. Its medical faculty gained independence as a separate entity in 1930.

The university has established itself as a reputable center for cutting-edge scientific research and high-quality instruction. The university is ranked among Russia’s top 20 medical schools based on a scoring scheme that reflects the caliber of its work.

Voronezh N.N. Burdenko State Medical University is composed of six faculties, four institutes, and one research institute. The University’s largest and oldest faculty is the Faculty of General Medicine. A six-year medical education program culminating in a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree is provided by the Faculty.

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Voronezh State Medical University Highlights 2024:

  • Foundation : 1918
  • Total Students : 8025 (Till October 2023)
  • Total Staff : 848 Members Including 580 PHDs.
  • Time Zone : UTC+3 (MSK)
  • Climate : Continental humidity. The city has mild annual precipitation along with scorching summers and chilly winters.
  • Voronezh to Moscow Driving Distance : 518 KM | Train Distance : 6h 20m | Bus Journey : 7h 30m | Flight Journey : 1h 05m

Voronezh State Medical University UG Program 2024:

The Faculty has been providing an undergraduate Clinical Psychology degree programme from September 2023.

More than 3050 pupils are enrolled overall.

Medical education in areas of healthcare including newborn, baby, child, and youth health is offered by the Faculty of Paediatrics.

More than 1200 students are enrolled overall.

A highly sought-after undergraduate dentistry degree programme is provided by the Institute of Dentistry.

One of the few educational institutions in Russia with a dental clinic of its own, the Institute allows students to practise under the guidance of qualified medical professionals.

More than 1100 students are enrolled overall.

Future hygienists and epidemiologists receive training from the Faculty of Preventive Medicine. The graduates can work as senior specialists in laboratories, sanitary services, disinfection and anti-plague stations, and the Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing.

There are 270 pupils in all.

For almost twenty years, the Faculty of Pharmacy has been providing pharmaceutical science education to students. For a career in pharmaceutical research and modern pharmacy, the faculty offers both academic knowledge and practical skills.

There were 180 pupils in all.

In 47 medical disciplines, the Faculty for Postgraduate Training offers postgraduate training, or residencies.

Over a thousand pupils are enrolled overall.

International students can receive training from the International Institute of Medical Education and Cooperation. Eight percent of the students at the university are citizens of more than fifty countries.

More than 500 pupils are enrolled overall.

At the vocational secondary education level, the Institute of Nursing provides a wide range of programmes, including those in pharmacy, orthopaedic dentistry, and nursing.

More than 400 pupils are enrolled overall.

The Department of Graduate Employment Monitoring and Pre-University Training Faculty.

In order to alter students’ work programmes, the Faculty team examines graduate employment to determine employer preferences and expectations. Additionally, the team provides career counselling services to prospective university students.

Voronezh State Medical University Tutoring and Guidance:

Studying in small groups is advantageous for international students; they are assigned a group tutor from the Department of Russian Language’s teaching resources. The tutor keeps track of each student’s academic progress, offers support for any personal issues, and schedules frequent appointments all year long to address any issues that may arise.

Friendly and knowledgeable tutors provide guidance, support, and counselling on all facets of student life. They offer guidance on the realities of daily living in Russia and help Indian students adjust to their new sociocultural surroundings.

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Voronezh State Medical University Eligibility:

However, in general, medical universities often have common eligibility requirements, including:

  1. Educational Qualifications: Applicants typically need to have completed their secondary education or equivalent with a strong background in the sciences, especially in subjects like Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.
  2. Language Proficiency: Since the medium of instruction is often in Russian, international students may need to demonstrate proficiency in the Russian language. Some universities may offer programs in English, and for those, proficiency in English (usually demonstrated through exams like IELTS or TOEFL) might be required.
  3. Entrance Exams: Some medical universities in Russia, including VSMU, may require applicants to take entrance exams. The specifics of these exams can vary, so it’s important to check with the university for details.
  4. Health Requirements: Given the nature of medical education, universities may have health requirements or medical examinations to ensure that students are fit for the demanding curriculum.
  5. Application Process: Follow the university’s application procedures, including submitting the required documents and completing any entrance exams or interviews.


University of Voronezh State Medicine Syllabus:

University of Voronezh State Medicine The MBBS Course Schedule
Before applying to Voronezh State University, please check the MBBS Syllabus of some of the top-ranked, NMC-approved medical school in Russia. The structure and organization of the MBBS program in Russia are as follows.




1st year

1st semester


2nd semester

Anatomy and Histology

2nd year

3rd semester

Histology, Biochemistry, Physiology, Cell Biology, Microbiology, General Pathology

4th semester

Biochemistry, Micro-Biology, Physiology

3rd year

5th semester

Pathology, Pharmacology, Micro-Biology, Path physiology

6th semester

Pathology, Path Physiology, and Pharmacology, Genetics

4th-6th year

7th-12th semester

General Surgery, Neurology, Primary Care Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Oncology, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Internal medicine, Neurology and Psychiatry, Psychology, ENT, Emergency Medicine, and Cardiology

Voronezh State Medical University Ranking:

Specific university rankings can change from year to year, and it’s advisable to check the most recent rankings for the latest information. Keep in mind that rankings can vary depending on the criteria used by different ranking organizations. Here is a general overview of Voronezh State Medical University’s position in global and national rankings:

According to 4ICU, Voronezh State Medical University’s Country Ranking is 207 and World Ranking is 5983.


Voronezh State Medical University Fees Structure 2024:

If you are using an educational agent or representative for your application, they may have information about the fee structure. However, always cross-verify this information with the official university sources.

When inquiring about the fee structure, consider asking about any additional costs, such as accommodation, health insurance, and living expenses. Keep in mind that fee structures are subject to change, and it’s crucial to rely on the most recent information provided by the university.

Voronezh State Medical University, RussiaTuition Fee/YearHostel Fees/YearTotal Fees in RublesTotal Fees in Indian Rupees
1st Year Fees3,40,000 Rubles40,000 Rubles3,80,000 RublesRs. 4,00,000 (Indian Rupees)
2nd to 6th Year Fees3,40,000 Rubles per year40,000 Rubles per year3,80,000 Rubles per yearRs. 4,00,000 (Indian Rupees) per year
Total Fees for 6-years MBBS22,80,000 Rubles = 24,00,000 Indian Rupees ( 1 Ruble @ 1.05 Indian Rupees)

Voronezh State Medical University Hostel:

The international student residence hall is situated near the Voronezh Medical university’s main building in the heart of the city. The annual cost of the hostel accommodations starts at $500 USD.

It’s prohibited in the university residence hall.

  • To smoke cigarettes, hookahs, and other items
  • To utilise electric radiators, electric kettles, electric heating plates, and electric microwave ovens
  • To give strangers permission to spend the night
  • To maintain household animals
  • To commit acts of physical violence or dehumanising behaviour towards another resident
  • Another alternative available to students is to rent a private flat off campus.

Voronezh University’s Social Life:

To ensure that MBBS Abroad students have the most enjoyable and varied university experience possible, a plethora of social and cultural events are arranged for them.

The events are meant to encourage foreign students to become more creative and to become more accustomed to Russian culture.

Voronezh State Medical University FAQs

Ques. What is the duration of the MBBS program at Voronezh State Medical University?

Ans. The MBBS program at Voronezh State Medical University typically takes six years.

Ques. Is the MBBS program offered in English or Russian?

Ans. Voronezh State Medical University may offer the MBBS program in both English and Russian. It’s essential to confirm the language of instruction for the specific program you are interested in.

Ques. What are the eligibility criteria for international students applying to the MBBS program at Voronezh?

Ans. Eligibility criteria may include a secondary school certificate or equivalent, proficiency in the language of instruction (Russian or English), and possibly an entrance examination.

Ques. How is the recognition of the MBBS degree from Voronezh State Medical University internationally?

Voronezh State Medical University is recognized by various medical councils and organizations globally i.e WHO, MCI/NMC.

Ques. What is the procedure for application and admission to Study MBBS in Russia program at Voronezh University ?

All applicants must fulfil the general qualifications listed below:

1. Passing the admission exam successfully is a prerequisite for acceptance.

2. A copy of the applicants’ official, notarized high school or secondary school transcript that has been approved in their home nation must be submitted. The university authorities reserve the right to request any further documentation in light of the admission.

3. Before the programme begins, the tuition cost must be paid for at least one semester.